AB 2243 would improve California’s emergency response system

pelemarkSave Our Dogs supports California Assembly Bill 2243 (Smyth) .

When emergencies strike, search-and-rescue handler-dog teams that provide life-saving services often need to travel considerable distances with no advance notice.  While traveling as part of their official duties, these teams often require access to lodging, public transportation, and other travel services.  And yet this access is often impeded or denied by policies that discriminate against those who bring their dogs.

Existing California state law provides protections against discrimination when peace officer and firefighter handler-dog teams travel on official business with their dogs.   AB 2243 would extend these protections to search-and-rescue handler-dog teams.

At no cost to the taxpayers, AB 2243 would improve California’s emergency response system.

AB 2243 passed the state Assembly unanimously, 76-0.   It now awaits action by the Senate Judiciary Committee.