CA MS/N Legislation

Contra Costa County Mandatory Spay-Neuter Passes Committee

The Contra Costa County (California) Board of Supervisors Public Protection Committee held a hearing today about a proposed ordinance that would mandate sterilization of impounded dogs. After more than 1 hour of discussion, unfortunately the committee approved the MSN proposal and authorized staff to draft an ordinance.

There were no speakers for MSN — other than the 2 supervisors who make up the committee.

There were about a dozen individuals who spoke against the ordinance, almost all of whom are residents of Contra Costa County. Many excellent points were made. Opposition organizations that were represented include (apologies as we do not have a complete list):

All American Dog Registry
American Dog Breeders Association
California Federation of Dog Clubs
Concerned Dog Owners of California
Contra Costa County Kennel Club
Endangered Breeds Association
National Animal Interest Alliance
National English Shepherd Rescue
San Francisco Samoyed Rescue
Save Our Dogs
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of America
UKC clubs

We will be issuing additional announcements for follow-up action.