CA MS/N Legislation SB 250

SB 250 is finally defeated

The California state Assembly voted on SB 250 (Florez) tonight, but after multiple attempts it did not receive a sufficient number of votes to pass.pelemark

The final vote — at 11:47 pm — was 28 27 Yes, 40 39 No, 10 12 abstain.   41 Yes votes were required for SB 250 to pass.

SB 250 – mandatory spay-neuter for dogs and cats – is finally and truly defeated.*

Congratulations to the tens of thousands of Californians who made this victory possible.   Your immense outpouring of opposition to SB 250 in the form of phone calls and faxes to legislators made the difference.

Thank you, for Saving our Dogs.

*According to Article IV, Sec 10(c) of the California state Constitution, SB 250 cannot be voted on again after midnight Tuesday night.