CA MS/N Legislation

Contra Costa County California – Mandatory Spay-Neuter Ordinance

Opposition is needed to stop mandatory spay-neuter from passing in Contra Costa County, California.

On Monday January 24 starting at 11 AM, the Contra Costa County Public Protection Committee will meet to discuss a proposed all breed mandatory spay-neuter ordinance for impounded dogs picked up at large.
  • unlicensed dogs face MSN on the first impoundment
  • licensed dogs face MSN on the 2nd impoundment
There are no exceptions for extenuating circumstances or for breeding dogs, competition dogs, hunting dogs, or working dogs.
More info is here.

Save Our Dogs will be there speaking against this ordinance.

We need residents of Contra Costa County to attend the hearing and make  brief, polite statements of opposition that MSN has been a failure everywhere it has been applied.    Everyone gets a chance to speak before this committee.

Opponents stopped MSN for pit bull breeds last year in this committee, and we can do it again for the latest ordinance  if we have a sufficient turnout of informed, respectful opposition.

651 Pine Street, Room 101
Martinez, CA
When:  January 24, starting at 11 AM