AB 2000 stuck in Appropriations Committee, please help

AB 2000 “Molly’s Bill” which is sponsored by California Assemblymember Hagman is a simple compassionate bill that we support.  It would provide an option for a medical exemption for dogs that veterinarians determine could have severe adverse reactions to the rabies vaccination that is mandated in existing state law.   Currently dog owners have no choice.   Even if veterinarians warn a dog owner that rabies vaccination would almost certainly kill their dog, they are required by current state law to do it anyway.

After passing unanimously in the Assembly, AB 2000 is stuck in the Senate Appropriations Committee for reasons that make no sense.  The CDPH is claiming they would need to hire additional staff for 18 months to update their regulations related to canine rabies vaccinations.   The cost associated with this is causing the committee to hold the bill.   Nonsense, this is just not that complicated.  Key details were already hashed out during the legislative process as a result of discussions between the CDPH, veterinary groups, and other stakeholders.

Please contact members of the Senate Appropriations Committee and ask them to pass AB 2000 “Molly’s Bill”

Senate Appropriations Committee contact information

Senator Christine Kehoe (Chair) (916) 651-4039
Senator Roy Ashburn (Vice-Chair) (916) 651-4018
Senator Elaine Alquist (916) 651-4013
Senator Ellen Corbett (916) 651-4010
Senator Bill Emmerson (916) 651-4037
Senator Mark Leno (916) 651-4003
Senator Curren Price (916) 651-4026
Senator Mimi Walters (916) 651-4033
Senator Lois Wolk (916) 651-4005
Senator Mark Wyland (916) 651-4038
Senator Leland Yee (916) 651-4008