CA MS/N Legislation SB 250

SB 250 fails to pass – but reconsideration requested

Tuesday Aug 31 8:15 pm Update The motion to reconsider SB 250 is being voted on, but a number of members are voting against what is usually a courtesy vote (even members who oppose a bill vote for these motions).   This is not a vote on the actual bill itself.  It is a vote on a motion to allow yet another vote on the bill.  The motion to reconsider has been voted on twice so far but has not yet reached the 41 vote threshold to allow another vote on SB 250.   As more members enter the chamber we expect the call will be lifted again on the motion.

Tuesday Aug 31 7:00 pm Update Our sources in the Capitol are hearing that Senator Florez will bring back SB 250 for another vote tonight.  Supporters are flooding assembly member offices with calls and faxes.   We need to do the same to counter them.

Monday Aug 30 9:35 pm Update: The Assembly adjourned until 10 AM Tuesday.  No vote for SB 250 occurred today.  Tuesday is the last day the legislature can deal with SB 250.

Monday Aug 30 6:22 pm Update : The Assembly is in session today and will work until late tonight.  They are trying to get through the pending bills before the 2009-2010  session ends tomorrow.   SB 250 is on the schedule but has not been dealt with yet.

Friday Aug 27 Update:  The Assembly adjourned until 1 pm Monday Aug 30.  There were no votes on SB 250 today.  Your calls and faxes are really helping.


SB 250 was voted on four times today, and each time it failed to pass. The last vote tally was 33 34 Yes, 40 No, 5 4 Not voting. The vote tabulation can be found here.

But it’s not over yet, because reconsideration was requested granted again.

This means that the Assembly might vote on SB 250 once again on Friday, or perhaps Monday or Tuesday if when the Assembly reconvenes next week. Tuesday is the last day the legislature can vote on bills according to the state Constitution.

Your calls and faxes are making a huge difference.

The Sacramento Bee reported today

An immense outpouring of opposition from dog and cat owners had an impact today when the Assembly rejected a bill aimed at forcing more pet sterilizations as an alternative to euthanizing hundreds of thousands of strays.

Legislators’ office had been inundated with protests, as several mentioned during the emotion-tinged floor debate that preceded the vote on Senate Bill 250.

Assemblymember Conway said during floor debate on SB 250 that her fax machine has been jammed with opposition faxes, and her office has received more calls and letters about SB 250 than all other bills combined.

Unfortunately, because there can be yet another vote on this bill, we have to ask you once again to make calls and send  faxes.   We know that pressure will be put on many members who voted with us to switch their votes to Yes.  They need to hear from us that their votes are appreciated by California voters.   Please THANK these members for not voting for SB 250 (remember that an “abstain” is just as good as a NO vote for us).

vote telephone fax
Galgiani, Cathleen abstain (916) 319-2017 (916) 319-2117
Ma, Fiona abstain (916) 319-2012 (916) 319-2112
Monning, William W. abstain (916) 319-2027 (916) 319-2127
Adams, Anthony NO (916) 319-2059 (916) 319-2159
Block, Marty NO (916) 319-2078 (916) 319-2178
Caballero, Anna M. NO (916) 319-2028 (916) 319-2128
Chesbro, Wesley NO (916) 319-2001 (916) 319-2101
Coto, Joe NO (916) 319-2023 (916) 319-2123
Evans, Noreen NO (916) 319-2007 (916) 319-2107
Huber, Alyson NO (916) 319-2010 (916) 319-2110
Pérez, V. Manuel NO (916) 319-2080 (916) 319-2180
Salas, Mary NO (916) 319-2079 (916) 319-2179
Swanson, Sandre R. NO (916) 319-2016 (916) 319-2116
Torres, Norma J. NO (916) 319-2061 (916) 319-2161
Torrico, Alberto NO (916) 319-2020 (916) 319-2120
Yamada, Mariko NO (916) 319-2008 (916) 319-2108

Also, please call the office of Speaker John Perez and ask him to please vote against this bill: (916) 319-2046