CA MS/N Legislation SB 250


The California state Assembly is voting TODAY on the mandatory spay-neuter bill SB 250.   Californians, please help save our state from the unintended consequences of this bad legislation, which has backfired everywhere it has been implemented.
The initial vote is close: 30 Yes, 38 No, 10 abstained.  There will be one last vote before the end of today’s session, during which members can change their votes.  We have not won yet, we know that the Yes tally will increase.  There can be no other votes after today.
We need to thank the 10 who abstained — which is as good as a NO vote. They are under tremendous pressure to change their votes to Yes. We need to support them.
Californians:  Please, it will only take 5 minutes to call all of the following and say:
“My name is _________, I am calling to thank the assembly member for NOT voting for SB 250 ­ the mandatory spay-neuter bill for dogs and cats”
John Perez       (916)-319-2046
Brownley          (916)-319-2041
Galgiani             (916)-319-2017
DeLaTorre        (916)-319-2050
Hayashi             (916)-319-2018
Huber                (916)-319-2010
Ma                       (916)-319-2012
Monning           (916)-319-2027
Manny Perez   (916)-319-2080
Cook                   (916)-319-2065